Fernie Ride Board

Fernie Ride Board is a free ride-sharing website for people living in or travelling from Fernie, BC. At FernieRideBoard.com people who are moving in the same direction can arrange to share a vehicle. When you use Fernie Ride Board, you save money, save the planet and turn your travel into an adventure.

FernieRideBoard is presented by Advocates for Local Living, a non-profit organization based in Fernie BC whose mandate is to encourage awareness about local living. We envision a thriving community based on a responsible economy, a healthy environment, and social equity.

Get started with Fernie Ride Board: If you are looking for a ride, you can browse or see all rides. If you have a car and are going somewhere, you can offer a ride. If you don't have a car and need to go somewhere, you can request a ride.